This blog-site is an ordered collection of priorities, stories, ideas, tips, training and connections for small-scale sustainability. The Blog represents my own personal views.

Small B Sustainability is inspired by my own recognition of the serious threats to personal and planetary sustainability abounding in the present day. Here, I tell personal stories of my journey to live more sustainably in the world, and to inspire, encourage and guide you and others in your own sustainability journeys. These journeys are challenging, creative, meaningful and often fun. Follow the site and lets journey together.

Here are some places to start:

  • Small building – How we improve sustainability inside the spaces we live and work?
  • Small block – How can we add sustainability outside, whether to a balcony, sidewalk, community garden, suburban backyard or small farm?
  • Small business – how can we earn money while taking care of the environment?
  • Small being – how can we individuals sustain ourselves and improve our connections with others?
  • Small blue planet – where would we be without the world we live in? How can we keep it beautifully blue and green?

Meet Su. I’m the main blogster here.

Wave edge buffy in garden

Hi there. I’m Su Wild-River, and I’m the write, editor and owner of small ‘b’ sustainability. I’m an environmental practitioner with over 24 years experience in the industry, and 45 years of living on the planet. I’m currently holding the title of Certified Environmental Practitioner of the year for Australia and New Zealand.

My personal and professional life are dedicated to sustainability. But like most of us on the planet, I don’t live sustainably. So I am deeply troubled by the knowledge that our wonderful world is spiraling into dangerously hot times, with an ocean full of plastic, less fresh water, and ever-fewer species. I also see a wealth of opportunities to connect, improve and contribute for a better world. This blog aims to help me and you to be play small but strategic roles in traveling the sustainability journey together.

Here are some of my professional skills and experiences:

  • International award-winning sustainability practitioner.
  • Project manager with decades of experience putting innovative ideas into action.
  • Specialist in linking science with policy; climate change mitigation and resilience; environmental risk management; group, process and change facilitation;
  • Interdisciplinary worker capable of applying first principles across most scientific and technical fields.
  • Scientist, science blogger and translator of technical writing into plain English.
  • Organic land manager and gardener, chook-wrangler, mother and community volunteer.

This blog provides advice on natural resource management and provides environmental consulting and training. It forms part of the professional business of my environmental consultancy firm Wild-River & Associates. The website contains general environmental management advice, and should not be considered specific to individual circumstances. The information on this website is provided “as is” without representations or or warranties, express or implied. Wild-River & Associates makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information provided on this website. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to site-specific environmental management advice.

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